Automation technological and business - processes


For authors

Authors submit to the editorial office an article in the form of a *.doc / docx format file via e-mail or through the Open Journal System.

Attention! Each author sends a signed paper license agreement or its scanned copy to the editorial office e-mail (download license contract)

To the electronic version, sent via e-mail, the following needs to be added:

  • license agreements signed by each author (in case if the scanned copy is not sent via e-mail)
  • a paper version of the article signed by authors on the back of the last page
  • data about the author in a separate file, on a separate sheet

Requirements for information about authors

For each author
  • full name (in Ukrainian and English languages)
  • title of the article (in Ukrainian and English)
  • Academic degree, academic title and position
  • HEI/organization
  • HEI/organization address
  • e-mail
  • contact number
  • h-index (Scopus or Web of Science)
  • ORCID number (obligatory)

Requirements to the text file

  • Font - Times New Roman
  • Font size - 10 pt (except for the title)
  • Interval - single
  • Alignment - width
  • Paragraphs in the text - 0.5. Do not add an interval between paragraphs of the same style. To reflect paragraphs with spaces and tabs is forbidden!
  • Fields on all sides - 20 mm.

Structure of the article

  • UDC (in the upper left corner of the page without a paragraph).
  • Title of the article is printed in the center of the page in capital letters in bold in Ukrainian and English, 18 pt in size. Words wraps, as well as abbreviations in the title ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  • Surnames and initials of authors - after the title (after 1 interval of 10 pt, alignment - in width) in Ukrainian and English.
  • Title of an organization (without abbreviations), city and country (after 1 interval of 10 pt, alignment - in width) in the language of the article.
  • ORCID of authors - in the next line (alignment - in width).
  • Authors’ e-mails - in the next line (alignment - in width).
  • Abstract - after one interval of 10 pt in italics (in the language of the article with a volume of at least 1500 characters without spaces and its translation into English).
  • Keywords - in the next line in the language of the article and in English (no more than 10).
  • After one interval of 10 pt after the keywords:
    • Introduction
    • Analysis of literature data and the formulation of the problem
    • Purpose and objectives of the study
    • Methods and materials of research (reflects the methodological and experimental part of the research being presented)
    • Research results
    • The discussion of the results
    • Conclusions
    • The list of used references - in bold, before it the interval is 10 pt. The list of references is presented in accordance with «ДСТУ 8302:2015. Бібліографічне посилання. Загальні положення та правила складання». In addition, below the same list of used references should be presented according to the IEEE Citation Reference. The number of Internet resources in the list of used references can not exceed 40% of the total list, and the amount of literature more than 10 years old - 3 sources.

Requirements for figures design

black and white in any graphics editor that supports formats bmp, gif, tiff, pcx, jpeg, dwg, cdr, mcd. It is allowed to use diagrams and graphs executed in Microsoft Excel in gradations of black. The figures are numbered and signed in the center of the line in bold without a dot at the end, the decoding of the notations is done before the name of the figure in italics. Before and after the title of the figure - an interval of 6 pt.


image example

Requirements for formulas

formulas are typed in the Microsoft Equation 3.0 editor and centered. Only those formulas that are referenced are number. The formula numbers are indicated in parentheses and aligned to the right side of the page. Centering of formulas and aligning of numbers are tabulated (NOT SPACES!)

  • variable - italics
  • others - general
  • sizes (pt.):
    • general - 10;
    • large index - 7;
    • small index - 6;
    • large symbol - 16;
    • small symbol - 10.

Requirements to the design of tables

Tables are usually placed under the text after the first mention or on the next page. The name of the table is indicated in a short dash after the number in the center of the line in bold without a dot at the end. Before and after the table name, and also before the paragraph following the table, intervals of 6 pt are set.

Editors reserve the right to minor editing of the article (with preservation of the main conclusions and style of the author). Materials provided are not returned.