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Altmetric for ONUT!

Altmetric for ONUT!

Scientific and technical library of Odesa National University of Technology concluded an agreement with Altmetric. We became one of the first in Ukraine who get access to the resource.

Starting from July 12, the #ONTU team got access to the resource for one year.

Altmetric is a platform that deals with scientific data and tracks the description of published research on the Internet, providing tools and services to institutions, publishers, researchers, funders and other organizations to monitor this activity, commonly called altmetrics.

Today there was an online meeting with the coordinator from Altmetric company Michelle Herbert, vice-rector for scientific work of ONUT Natalia Povarova and director of the scientific and technical library of ONUT Olga Olshevska.

For more detailed information and access, contact

List of scientific professional editions of Ukraine

Dear Colleagues, the Ministry of Education and Science has updated the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine in which the results of the dissertation works for obtaining the scientific degrees of Doctor of Sciences, Candidate of Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy can be published.

Currently, all editions are divided into two lists that can be accessed from the link

In the first List, those editions that are of category A or B, in the second List of scientific publications in which they are listed on the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Sciences, Candidate of Science and Doctor of Philosophy, and are published by March 12, 2020.


Dear colleagues, from 17.04 to 16.05 there is an opportunity to use the test access to the scientific base of Statista. Access to the database is available on the local network ONAFT via the link. If you have any questions, contact A-140  to Volkova Anastasiia, or call 15-52.

Statista Access Image

Scopus for Researchers

We invite you to participate in the "Scopus for Researchers" training. Date, time: April 23, 2019, at 12:00. Location of ONAFT, InfoHUB, A-316. Duration: 1 hour!‼️ Be sure to fill out the form below. With the participation of Elsevier trainer Sergei Nazarovets.